Why the name?

Well, what brings it to your mind?

For us, it´ s an expression of “Home” and “Open Range”, the fusion of californian spirit and german deep thought.    The awareness that universal beauty is to find in the vase at your kitchen table as impressive as in the width of the Pacific Ocean. An expression of the human desire to be surrounded by boundless opportunities while feeling embraced by the cosy safety of a home at the same time.

With Chaletfornia we not only associate a certain lifestyle and ambience, we express this beautiful  place inside, each and everyone knows. We hope our art can reflect this in you too and gives you the opportunity to travel to this special bright place inside of you by looking at a picture on the wall.

Bob Dylan

Who we are? Two of a kind.

  • Myriam and Stefan Fiegert, happily married dynamic duo and parents to an even more dynamic duo of supergirls
  • share a life that´s like a song
  • Home: Where the heart is … and lovely Bavaria.
  • Myriam: Selftaught visual animal and creative source behind Chaletfornia
  • into photography and digital editing since don ´t know when (8 years)
  • pretty good illustrator and cartoonist, well deserved nickname: Sketchi
  • In another life, Myriam studied English and German literature and linguistics and worked as an event-coordinator, which makes you travel aaaaa lot
  • Officially out there as an artist since 2015
  • Stefan: Got everything started in 2016, now manager, mastermind, muse and sales force behind Chaletfornia
  • brought concrete to Chaletfornia
  • designs lamps and business concepts as a hobby
  • in the digital world, the sales force is with him, leaves a footprint or two in the hearts of everyone he meets
  • used to model (direct enquiries to Myriam), deserved nicknames: Mr. Handyman, der schöne Stevie


What we do.