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APPARENTLY – the world has not enough love songs yet. It is considered the most sung theme in man ´s history – love, affection, emotion, care, empathy, connection – Yet sometimes you just can ´t fight the feeling, mankind has not got the point yet. So let´s keep on singing for love, peace and harmony.




APPARENTLY   –  one phrase echoes a whole world of VISUAL POETRY

It’s as interesting and as difficult to say a thing well as to paint it. There is the art of lines and colours, but the art of words exists too, and will never be less important.” – Vincent van Gogh

The Style

If you consider buying written wallart, you want more than a motivational quote on a T-Shirt or social media post. It means you strive for a message plus a design that expresses your personal taste and inspiration. Moreover VISUAL POETRY is nowadays one of the favorite means of decoration to create a contemporary individual Ambience in an ocean of information. In a world drowning in information and communication, you find a special quote outstanding or a valuable thought should speak for itself? APPARENTLY represents a piece of this kind of inspiring mixed art in a wonderful way. Let the fine typographies work your walls, representing your personal style and get inspired everyday. And yes, this used to be a photography too.

„Drawing is speaking to the eye; talking is painting to the ear. – Joseph Joubert

The Message

VISUAL POETRY expresses thoughts, quotes or lyrics and puts them in an artistic context. It is intended to create a message plus a look. Let a deeper message as APPARENTLY echoe in your mind and express your personal style and inspiraiton.

In a word, this print speaks to you at first sight.

The Options

APPARENTLY  comes to you as giclée art print on CANVAS or ACCESSORIES.

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