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MANDALA V a feast for your eyes and beautiful piece of SUPERSYMMETRY.  Feed your Head and let MANDALA V balance your interior – literally. Mesmerizing structures and colors will add a universal beauty to your home and invite you to meditate.



MANDALA V  – the mystical beauty of  SUPERSYMMETRY

MANDALA V –  this wonderful piece of abstract SUPERSYMMETRY art celebrates the universal beauty of symmetry as a feast for the eyes. Let those mirrored structures and colors feed your head. Let it reflect your sense for harmony and it brings your „interior“ literally into balance.

The one eye sees, the other feels. Paul Klee

The Style

In terms of interior, geometrical styles are all over the place nowadays. SUPERSYMMETRY art and its effect on surroundings and human sensation have been well-known since early human history. Ornamental cave paintings, Roman and Greek temple mosaics, Buddhistic mandalas or beautiful arabesque art you can find in mosques – all these art forms tell you one common thing: They celebrate the universal beauty of SUPERSYMMETRY as a visual bridge to a spiritual place. This artistic aesthetic invites you to contemplate, meditate and go on a spiritual journey.

Sometimes SUPERSYMMETRY is used as a metaphor for God or the Universe itself. It visualizes the interconnection of everything and eternal beauty of the world´s deepest mysteries still unsolved.

Comforting and mesmerizing.

MANDALA V represents beautifully this idea. Let the mesmerizing and balanced structure work your walls, representing your personal style and modern taste.

The Message

How to turn a wall into a mirror? – Buy some Art!

SUPERSYMMETRY art elevates photoart by digital editing to an art form of it´s own. It is not recording what meets the eye, it is about reflecting you and your inner world –  It is intended to create a feeling plus a look. Let a piece of art as MANDALA IV echoe in your mind and add to your Ambience at Home.

A photography can tell you a story, but an abstract piece of Art sends you a message. It is, what it is, but it becomes, what you make out of it. It echoes your inner world rather than it describes the outer world to you. In a word, this piece of structured photo art has more to offer than meets the bare eye.

The Options

MANDALA V comes to you as giclée art print on CANVAS or ACCESSORIES



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