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Indian Summer


INDIAN SUMMER represents one of the most contemporary designs: POLYGON . Inspired by nature  INDIAN SUMMER transfers the natural beauty into a modern look. The picture still shows it´s origin, but celebrates a reminiscence to Cubism. The means may have changed but the artistic intension remains

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INDIAN SUMMER  – contemporary POLYGON beauty inspired by the beauty of a forest in fall

INDIAN SUMMER is a wonderful piece of POLYGON design, celebrating a reminiscence of Cubism. The digital means add a further dimension of light and structure into it, which creates this peculiar 3D look, that make you want to touch it.

Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter? Pablo Picasso


In terms of interior, geometrical styles are all over the place. POLYGON design are nowadays what floral ornaments used to be for Artdeco or the amazingly beautiful Jugendstil era. Just as these former great artistic periods strove to focus on nature and transfer it with ornaments to a modern urban world, POLYGON wallart follows those footsteps and tries to connect natural beauty with a digital look.

The means may have changed but the artistic intension remains.

INDIAN SUMMER represents the latest AmbienceArt in a beautiful way. Let the crystalized and triangular structure work your walls, representing your personal style and modern taste.

The Message of INDIAN SUMMER

How to turn a wall into a mirror? – Buy some Art! POLYGON designs elevate digital editing to an art form of it´s own, though you can easily see it is deeply rooted in expressionism. Thus it is not about imaging what meets the eye, it is about reflecting you and your imagination. It´s intended to create a feeling plus a look. Let a piece of art as INDIAN SUMMER echoe in your mind and add to your Ambience at Home.

A photography can tell you a story, but an abstract piece of Art sends you a message. It is, what it is, but it becomes, what you make out of it. It echoes your inner world rather than it describes the outer world to you. In a word, this piece of structured photo art has more to offer than meets the bare eye.

The Options

INDIAN SUMMER comes to you as giclée art print on CANVAS or ACCESSORIES

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