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TULIP REBOOT is an exquisite example for one of the most contemporary art forms: PAINTOGRAPHY . Every photography is basically a painting created by „light“ but pieces like TULIP REBOOT show the boundless opportunities digital editing can contribute to modern PhotoArt. Abstract and expressionistic as it is, the picture still reveals it´s origin, but introduces you to another aesthetic world beyond the photography.



TULIP REBOOT – vivid and colorful outburst piece of PAINTOGRAPHY

TULIP REBOOT is the key piece of a series in our PAINTOGRAPHY category. The colors are so vivid and full of light, only the captured light of a photography could provide an artist with expressive and rich colors as such. And moreover digital editing unveils a whole other dimension of light and color, hidden like a gem in every picture you take.

Art does not reproduce the visible, rather it makes it visible. -Paul Klee

The Style

If you consider buying a piece of abstract expressionistic Art, it means you strive for a timeless yet modern beauty. In terms of interior, expressionistic PAINTOGRAPHY is nowadays one of the favorite art genres for designers all around the world to create a unique and contemporary Ambience. TULIP REBOOT represents AmbienceArt at its best. Let the colors work your walls, representing your personal style and modern taste.

The Message

How to turn a wall into a mirror? – Buy some Art. PAINTOGRAPHY elevates digital editing to an art form of it´s own, though you can easily see it is deeply rooted in expressionism.Thus it is not about imaging what the eye sees, it is about reflecting you and your imagination. It´s Intension is to create a feeling plus a look. Let a piece of art as TULIP REBOOT echoe in your mind and add to your Ambience at Home. A photography can tell you a story, but an abstract piece of Art sends you a message. It is, what it is, but it becomes, what you make out of it. It echoes your inner world rather than it describes the outer world to you. In a word, this piece of expressionistic photo art has more to offer than meets the bare eye.

The Options

TULIP REBOOT comes to you as giclée art print on CANVAS or ACCESSORIES



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