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The  NUKLEUS  performs sound visually. This wallart evolves inspired by electronic music, absolutely intuitionally. No algorithms involved, just the pure artist´s interpretation of the heard. This series adds a floating sense of music to any kind of surrounding. What is your favourite sound? You can have your  piece of music „meeting your eyes“ – we customize your own personal and unique visualizing your favourite tune –  more to find in our NETZTUNES section.



NUKLEUS I –  a floating piece of NETZTUNES and a visual ode to music

 NUKLEUS –  when the eyes start to listen. No photography or algorithms involved here, just pure intuition. Imagine a conductor´s expressive gestures captured in a picture.

„Art is intuition.“ – Piet Mondrian

The Style

If you consider buying a piece of abstract expressionistic art, it means you strive for a timeless beauty. NETZTUNES combines your love for music and your love for great contemporary and expressionistic art. NUKLEUS I represents AmbienceArt at its best. Let the flow work your walls, representing your personal style and timeless taste.

„A painter paints pictures on canvas. But a musician paint their pictures on silence.“ – Leopold Stokowski

The Message

How to turn a wall into a mirror? – Buy some Art!

NETZTUNES art is strongly inspired by music and shows itself as one of the most contemporary artistic styles by using digital canvas, the artist´s touch and the right tune. NUKLEUS I is not simply displaying amplitudes of sound, it reflects the heard by the interpretation of the artist. It is like a conductor´s flow of expressive gestures have been captured on canvas. Let the sound meet the eye and let a piece of art as NUKLEUS I echoe in your mind and add to your Ambience at Home.

A painting or photography can tell you a story, but an abstract piece of art sends you a message. It is, what it is, but it becomes, what you make out of it. It echoes your inner world rather than it describes the outer world to you. In a word, this piece of  art has more to offer than meets the bare eye.

The Options

 NUKLEUS I comes to you as giclée art print on CANVAS or ACCESSORIES
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