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PEACOCK TILES  – an abstract artwork reduced to the maximum. GEOS as non-figurative art concentrates fully on the interplay of color and shape. Moreover PEACOCK TILES emphasizes its origin in digital art by magnifying it´s true substance – the pixel. GEOS unveil the actual texture of the digital universe and puts it in focus which reminds us – the truth is more than meets the eye. And yes – this used to be a photography too.

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PEACOCK TILES  –  a piece of GEOS and an ode to non-figurative art

PEACOCK TILES-  this fine piece of abstract non-figurative GEOS art magnifys the true texture behind the visible in the digital world – The pixel.

„Art is intuition.“ – Piet Mondrian

The Style

If you consider buying a piece of abstract expressionistic Art, it means you strive for a timeless beauty. In terms of interior, GEOS is nowadays on of the favorite wallart for designers to create a contemporary yet timeless Ambience. And PEACOCK TILES represents AmbienceArt at its best. Let the colors work your walls, representing your personal style and timeless taste.

„He who knows how to appreciate colour relationships, the influence of one colour on another, their contrasts and dissonances, is promised an infinitely diverse imagery.“ -Sonia Delaunay

The Message

How to turn a wall into a mirror? – Buy some Art!

GEOS art elevates contemporary photoart by digital editing to an abstract art form of it´s own. It is not recording what meets the eye, it is about reflecting Your intuition –  It is intended to create a feeling plus a look. Let a piece of art as PEACOCK TILES echoe in your mind and add to your Ambience at Home.

A photography can tell you a story, but an abstract piece of Art sends you a message. It is, what it is, but it becomes, what you make out of it. It echoes your inner world rather than it describes the outer world to you. In a word, this piece of structured photo art has more to offer than meets the bare eye.

The Options

PEACOCK TILES comes to you as giclée art print on CANVAS or ACCESSORIES



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