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KLAVIER is the first work of our NETZTUNES series. It evolves inspired by a certain song fully intuitionally. No algorhythms involved. Just the sweet sound of music and a touchscreen. What is your favourite song? Either as a gift or for yourself – We customize your personal and unique visualization of your favourite tune. Just let us know via

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KLAVIER is a piece of the NETZTUNES series. As I listen to a certain song, it evolves inspired by the song fully intuitionally. No algorhythms involved. No photography as origin, just the sweet sound of music, hands a touchscreen.

Der Klang der Farben. -Walter Gropius

KlAVIER and my NETZTUNES art tries to visualize the floaty character of sound and rhythm. By using digital means, I use a contemporary artistic tool to mirror the universal effect music has on our selves . When I create the airy structures and dancing colours, it has more something of 2D sculpting than drawing or editing. NETZTUNES are not just a beautiful abstract and aesthetical artprint to look at, it represents the song that caught a mind.

Moreover does the  Net-like structure remind the spectator of the connecting power of music itself.

The important stuff happens where the lines intersect.- Rule of Photography

The Net is not just a synonym for interconnection, it can save you from falling down hard, just as our favourite music catches our minds before they fall. A song can literally be your retreat and savior.


Send us you favourite song and we will make a piece of art for your wall out of it. Individually, unique, all yours. Size and colour is up to your choice. Let´s get in touch via

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