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Picasso painting with Light (1949)

A couple of days ago, i came across this picture. It was a random suggestion on Facebook and it blew my mind.

It was the very night, when this new website was about to finally go live  and I was contemplating a lot about, where Chaletfornia ´s road had led us so far over the last 3 years and Where it will lead us in the future.

All the sudden Pablo Picasso, one of the fathers of expressionism smiled at me in full vivid colours (thanks to Mario Unger´s unbelievable digital editing), while he was painting with light a „Centaur“ in the air.

In other words, there was this guy, who was  whirling around a candle in the air for around a minute or so in 1949 (!) and nearly 70 years later, a female artist cant´s take her eyes from the scene, because one of her heroes used by incidence and just for fun the means of „paintography“ to express his boundless imagination.

And what did he paint upfront? A Sagittarius..which happens to be my sign. ..Do you believe in Signs? Well I do, at least from now on. This picture spoke to me on so many levels and will accompany and inspire me from now on to remind me: everything on track!

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