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ART knows no boundaries. We ship worldwide.

Buyer FAQ

What kind of art is this?

– Contemporary Abstract Photoart. Some people referre to it as well as Digital Art.

Do you paint?

-Digitally, yes. But you will receive an artprint.

Do you always work with Photos?

– Yes, our art always has its origin in a photography. This is why the colours are that intense! We use light itself to „paint“ digitally. Like a sculpturer uses a marble block to carve a statue out of it, we „seek“ the picture hidden in the picture. Not by intent, but by intuition.

Is every picture unique?

– We produce our artprints on a limited edition. Every picture is only  available 100 times as wallart on canvas no matter the size. Your canvas gets to your house certified and with a serial number.

As lightbox, you will get one of a kind piece of art, it is only produced once!

Where do you produce your art?

-Made with Love in Germany. Our abstract and contemporary photoart is printed in Germany, on canvas, paper and cellphone-case. Lightbox and Soundbox are 100% customized and one of a kind.

To get more information, please not our „About our Art“ section.

Can I get my art customized?

-Yes, just get in touch with us. We can make your piece of art individual suitable for your home and business. Not only size and supporting material is up to your choice, we can even adjust the colorschemes to a certain extent to your demands.

What´s the delivery time for my order?

– The vast majority of our products are made to order and can take up to 10 working days since they are produced individually for you after you place your order. We will let you know as soon as your piece of art has left our building and it will be on it´s way to your home.

Can I cancel my order?

– If your order has not shipped yet, we will gladly try to change the shipping address after you have ordered.

If you wish to cancel an order, let us know all the details and we will try find a solution. Sometimes it is not possible to cancel an order (depending on the production status) because we produce every piece individually for you.